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Personal Training for clients in their residential home gyms in nyc

Strength and Balance

Many Satisfied Fitness Training Clients All Over NYC

MAWUSI FITNESS TRAINING Brings Professional Fitness Training to you.

Click this picture for a short compilation of some of our clients training in areas around NYC

Dance Classes in Brooklyn

Empress Cece's Dance'nDrip is a very energetic Workout and provocative Twerkout Aerobics Class that will have you sweating during an Explosive but Fun session.

Click this picture to go to her page on this site.

We participate in Breast Cancer Walks

Mawusi Fitness Trainiing often contribute to and participate in charities and actitives such as the annual walk of the American Breast Cancer Society.

Click this picture to watch videos of our team's participation in events.

Procrastination can be Your Greatest Enemy!

We provide Personal Training for Actors

The diversity of our clients are almost as many as there're reasons to Train.

They range from everyday Moms and Dads to Actors and Actresses.

Click this picture to watch Actor David Davino take on a more intense routine to achieve the desired physique for his career.


~ Old Chinese Proverb 


A few of our Satisfied Clients

If You Keep Waiting To Do It You're HESITATING To Do It

MAWUSI FITNESS TRAINING, INC. supports and greatly encourages Recycling. After all, what is Fitness Training without a Fit Environment to Train in?

We are strong Environmentalist because Healthy Bodies need Healthy Environment in which to flourish.

An abundance of Clean Air and Water, Healthy Earth, and Organic Foods compliments Wellness. We contribute to the Wellness of Mother Earth by volunteering in the Parks, help with Trees Restoration Programs, etc.

The Earth is our Home regardless where we live. Lets all do our best to protect and keep her beautiful.

Our Experience Extends Back to the Pioneering Days of Bodybuilding

Every Great Company have Influences of Great Inspirations that helped to fuel the passion for the Professional Services they provide. We salute men like Lionel Smith, an Outstanding Bodybuilder who helped to mentor the Art and Philosophy of Old school Bodybuilding, which we can never deny, but incorporate its priceless Wisdom into the Modern Advancements by the way our Achievements from Continued Education and Experiences have inspired the Evolution of Professional Fitness Training to what is Practiced today by the Professionals who truly appreciate it. (Click photo to enlarge).

We provide Fitness Training for Children

Fitness Should Be Your Way Of Life

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