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MAWUSI FITNESS TRAINING, INC. offers affordable training packages for One on One Professional Personal Training Sessions or Group Classes designed with an Exercise Prescription suited to your specific goals whether that be Bodybuilding, Stretching, Toning, Fat Loss, Palates, Core Strengthening, Yoga, Meditation etc, and/or Nutritional Coaching.

Though we started out as a Mobile Fitness Training Company in response to the many requests we had received, we are now building static locations to provide our loyal and much satisfied clients with facilities having unprecedented Expert Training and Fitness Programs. However, we are maintaining, and will continue to maintain our Mobile Aspect to ensure the kind of services preferred by clients who love the luxury of us bringing to you

Fitness That Fits You.

Many locations in the city provides a convenient opportunity in the perfect settings for us to train you.

The options can be limitless

For Convenient Fitness Training Services in.....


Many apartment buildings or complexes for example include their own gyms on premises that serves as ideal places for us to conveniently schedule suitable training sessions.


Many Hotels in the City also includes the use of a gym with your stay. So If you're in town on Business or Vacation for a few days, or perhaps longer, we can come to your location to make sure you won't miss out on your important Fitness Lifestyle.


Public Parks such as Central Park, and Prospect Park presents the Luxury of the Outdoors.

Click this picture to see how Mother Nature provides countless settings for Creative Training amongst her Beauty and fresh Air.

She's a perfect host for Green Living.


Got a Large Office at Work Suitable for a quick Lunchbreak Workout?

No Problem!


Got a Home gym, just your Living Room or a Backyard?


Click this picture for an example of a Backyard Training.

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