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Mawusi Fitness Training Clients' Testimonials

"Remember when I used to ask you a lot of questions about the human body?.....

.....Well, the reason I eventually signed up as a client with you is because you kept getting all the answers right"

Dr. Arun Vijay

The woman who patted me down at the airport said

"Girl you've got some abs!"

good job

Noelle Richetelli

"One of the best decisions I made this year was to start training with Juan of Mawusi Fitness Training, Inc. My sessions are powerful and empowering. Each one is filled with great intensity and such professionalism. Juan's knowledge of methods and ways to use the body correctly to maximize your goals is so rewarding.

I have worked out with other trainers over the years, but Juan is the best. What makes him different and better is he really listens, carefully observes, creates a program just for you, and then monitors your every move. He can look at you and immediately tell you what you need to correct so that you don't hurt yourself, while at the same time making sure you are working what is targeted for that exercise.

I leave each session feeling good about the workout, knowing that I am accomplishing my goals and beyond. I also know what I can do at home to continue my workout program. I have to say: Not only looking good with Juan, but also feeling good too.

Thank you, Juan and Mawusi Fitness Training."

Valerie Payton

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